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Maintenance & Repair Service

Like any item with moving parts, yachts need regular servicing and occasional repairs. Al-Futtaim Marine’s skilled and fully trained service team is able to cater for all your service needs. Our unique, fully equipped mobile service vehicles bring on-site repairs and servicing to your berth (or trailer), returning your yacht to perfect working order with the least inconvenience to you.

  1. Mobile vans fitted with generator, air compressor, a full range of tools and a 220v power system
  2. Fully-trained, experienced service staff
  3. Service support staff with up-to-date knowledge on repair progress

Service Contracts

Owning a yacht is a large commitment, one that requires a continuous investment of your time and finances. Al-Futtaim Marine proudly provides a bespoke maintenance programme that aims to prevent problems and expensive repairs on your yacht. By monitoring the condition of your yacht on a regular basis, we are able to predict and inform you of any upcoming maintenance concerns. With regular reports on our findings sent to you, we can ensure that any potential issues are erased before they arise, assuring your continued pleasure and safety on your yacht. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of experts will keep an eye on everything from your engines to the on-board sound system and let you know in advance about any concerns.

  1. Single and reputable in-house service team for all applications
  2. At berth and at home servicing when convenient
  3. Maintenance activity log with monthly activity report
  4. Recommendation of additional retail or warranty service
  5. Fully-staffed office assistance during working hours

Yacht Sales

In addition to representing global marine brands Al-Futtaim Marine specialises in all aspects of yacht sales. Whether purchasing a brand new or pre-owned yacht or requiring our brokerage service to “sell” your Yacht, Al-Futtaim Marine offers a premium service that guarantees our experienced team delivers the entire boating purchase process hassle-free. Click to view our current yacht listings.


Marine Consultancy

Not everyone with an interest in yachts necessarily has access to all the required information. Our Marine Consultancy division is available to support a wide number of marine-related enquiries, for yacht owners and non-yacht owners. From supplying landing craft for marine developments, sourcing craft and locations for film and photo shoots, to catering to the needs of visiting super yachts our highly experienced team have the answers at their fingertips.


Components & Accessories

Longevity of your yacht would have been a key consideration when you invested in it – you want to spend your valuable leisure time on the water. To ensure everything on board continues to run smoothly, it’s vital to use the best parts available which Al-Futtaim Marine is continually sourcing. From gangways to hydraulic parts, nuts, bolts and pumps, we will be fully set up as regional distributors of superior marine parts companies, giving you peace of mind about your yachts endurance.


Engine Sales


Since 1964, Honda has pioneered the development and production of 4-stroke outboard engines with a low impact on the environment based on the philosophy of the founder that “Watercraft should not pollute the waters they ply.” Honda Marine incorporates a wide variety of technologies to produce economical and high-quality outboard engines, which are environmentally and people friendly. “Easy on People and the Environment”


Yanmar Marine diesel engines are designed for maximum enjoyment of leisure time spent on the water. Yanmar Marine is completely dedicated to boating from runabouts to sailboats, and from cruisers to mega yachts. In marine leisure boating, the worldwide reputation of Yanmar Marine is second to none.

Some owners use their Yanmar diesels to help them win competitions or break records. Some use them to go for high-speed, long-distance cruising. Others are content to take a more leisurely approach to their time on the water. All can enjoy confidence in their Yanmar power - they have chosen the toughest and most durable power packs available for pleasure boating.



To indulge in the pleasures of the open seas is something most people aspire to, although not everyone has access to their own yacht. At Al-Futtaim Marine, we offer a fleet of premium charter yachts. Whatever your requirements, we will find a suitable match. Our team can arrange all charters for deep-sea fishing; small to medium-sized parties; corporate functions and more. With crew and maintenance costs taken care of, this is the hassle-free way to enjoy the open waters.



As part of our commitment to simplifying yacht ownership, Al-Futtaim Marine offers yacht owners complete security on their investment with full insurance products arranged for you by our team. Our contracts are underwritten via Al-Futtaim’s leading insurance company - Orient Insurance.


Al-Futtaim Marine

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